2 photographers

8 hours of coverage

Digital negatives on USB drive

Copyright release

Online viewing gallery

Complimentary engagement session

10x10 - 30 page wedding album



I get it. I really do! Weddings are expensive. You want your day to be perfect and all the money you spend on every single detail starts to add up. But listen, long after the flowers have wilted, the alcohol has been chugged and your dress or suit no longer fits, only two things remain, your love and the photographs.

I'm not sure who said it, but it's brilliant! And so, so true!

Your hard earned money should be money well spent. 

Memories fade, but these photos will last forever. 

 And please, please, PLEASE print your photos after it's all said and done! They look much better on your wall than on a hard drive.




1 photographer

90 minutes

Digital negatives

Copyright release

Online viewing gallery